Mecaela Dunson

StreetLeader Director

With over 15 years experience working with urban youth across the east coast, Mecaela is skilled in the areas of connection and development to promote growth and success for our future leaders. Hailing from Howard University, she has a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and has an affinity for helping young leaders excel in the areas of STEM. Mecaela believes that the most important aspect of fostering relationships with the youth is to allow them the space to be seen and heard and through that lens that she is able to help the children she encounters to flourish in communication, both spoken and written, as well in clear and concise goal setting, which ultimately sets them up for success. Mecaela takes No Child Left Behind very seriously and does everything in her power to ensure that each child she works with is left better off than she found them.

Mecaela joined the UPT Trenton team in February 2024.