Youth College Readiness

The Future is Bright

The Youth College Readiness program provides a FREE, competent college-readiness program for Trenton-area students that begins their junior year of high school and continues throughout their college career. YCR was launched in 2018. Currently, the program has 11 students in college and eight high school students preparing for college.

The goal of YCR is two-fold: for all participants to successfully navigate the college application process and graduate from a college or university with a bachelor’s degree in 4-years. Another goal for which we strive is for all YCR participants to graduate with no student loan debt. 

Resources are instrumental for the program to flourish; grants, donations, books, laptops, program staff, community partners, and volunteers, as well as a safe and chaos-free learning environment, all help us reach this goal.

Become a StreetLeader

The first step to joining YCR is to become a StreetLeader. This is a part-time after-school and summer paid position designed to support teens in their efforts to excel academically and as leaders in their community. 

You must have the permission of your parent/guardian to submit an application, and you must get your Working Papers from your school prior to beginning work.

Currently all StreetLeader positions are filled!

Trustee Scholarship Fund

The Trustee Scholarship Fund was initiated to fund the “gaps” that financial aid does not cover. The goal is to ensure that these students do not graduate with loan debt that can hinder their future. 

The Trustee Scholarship Fund has an Advisory Committee that meets bi-monthly to discuss student success. If you are interested in learning more about serving on the Advisory Committee, please use contact our YCR Director below.

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We believe that an educated child becomes an empowered adult. That is why our goal is to see each and every teen in our program graduate from high school. We have achieved that goal each year since our program started, and many of our teens are now enrolled in college. The graduation rate speaks for itself, and the StreetLeaders report improved confidence, self-esteem, and hope for a brighter future.

Reach a Child. Raise a Leader. Restore Community