StreetLeaders Make a Difference

UPT hires and pays teen leaders to work at two sites in Trenton, provide direct programming for the younger students, and assist other staff members by providing support for younger students who are part of UPT’s  AfterSchool and SummerCamp Programs.

StreetLeaders work with two dedicated StreetLeader Directors who help them plan programming. Academics are at the heart of programming offered to our StreetLeaders. StreetLeaders are also provided enrichment opportunities, including  Youth College Readiness and other programs and speakers who provide teen-oriented programs. UPT is a faith-based organization, and teens will explore and discuss Christian values.

Our tradition at UPT is that StreetLeaders read a book together- we do this to encourage critical and analytical thinking skills, the skills they will need to move into their future.

This year we will be hiring two additional teens to work as environmental StreetLeaders. These students will work after school and some weekends and have a more varying schedule.

Become a StreetLeader

Students must have the permission of parent/guardian to submit an application and must have Working Papers before beginning work.

Youth College Readiness Program

Our Youth College Readiness Program (YCR) provides a FREE, competent college-readiness program for Trenton-area students that begins their freshman year of high school and continues throughout their college career.

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We believe that an educated child becomes an empowered adult. That is why our goal is to see each and every teen in our program graduate from high school. We have achieved that goal each year since our program started, and many of our teens are now enrolled in college. The graduation rate speaks for itself, and the StreetLeaders report improved confidence, self-esteem, and hope for a brighter future.

Reach a Child. Raise a Leader. Restore Community