Help us build a city of hope in Trenton

Volunteers are an integral part of the success of the UrbanPromise Trenton program. There are many opportunities to work directly with the youth activities as well as the teams that support our programs.  Whether you have a few hours or can volunteer each week, your help is invaluable to our success!


Volunteering options:

Help create small reading groups for specific students using books chosen to increase student’s reading ability. You will work with no more than three students at a time for about an hour. Ideally we would like to have our LCR in twice a week, but we know the most precious of all commodity is time! Time frame is 4:15-5:15 Monday through Thursday during Club Time. We will provide training and be there as you get to know your students. This is a great opportunity to help students learn that reading is fun! 

Support students with their homework. This job could include clarifying directions or concepts, modeling examples, brainstorming ideas together or simply offering guidance to the student. This opportunity is very flexible and the time commitment is up to each individual volunteer.

Work directly with an individual student or a small group of students to strengthen a specific area of curriculum.  A student’s need for tutoring will be identified and the student will be matched to an appropriate tutor. Tutoring requires a commitment of at least once a week.

Help StreetLeaders or other designated adults supervise students during organized recreational time. This is another very flexible time frame opportunity.

Share a special talent or interest with the students or Streetleaders. The time frame is dependent on the scope of the activity planned. It could be a one-time commitment or several scheduled time periods. The sky is the limit with this opportunity, and it can be tailored to the availability of the volunteer.

Share your carpentry or plumbing talent. We need to perform minor repairs to some furniture, add molding in a room where new flooring has been installed, and fix the plumbing in our bathrooms.

Volunteer to visit the program on a monthly basis, and for special event days, to take pictures of current activities.

Produce short videos for use in documenting our programs and in promoting UPTrenton. Experience in film-making would be an asset, and this can be tailored to your schedule.

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